As women ourselves, we understand the need to look good. After all, studies show that looking good can help you excel in your workplace, and we appreciate the confidence boost it gives. But do you know what is in your cosmetics? Why do you have to care? Let me tell you why.

When one of our founders, Jauriah A.Ghani was diagnosed with breast cancer, we realized that we are not just in the market to sell products, but we have a responsibility to educate and provide customers with an option for them to live a healthier lifestyle, without sacrificing the need to look good. As part of our social responsibility, we also want to raise the awareness on cancer.

We also understand your need to discover centuries old nature’s wisdom in a convenient form. Our products are produced in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified factory, which means that our products are produced to consistent and quality standards without compromising on the natural ingredients in our products.

So the next time you want to choose natural skincare-choose NUZ Natural Beauty!


NUZ Melissa – The Caterpillar Stage

The Beginning of an amazing transformation is like a caterpillar hatched from the butterfly egg before turning into a cocoon.

NUZ Alexandra – The Cocoon Stage

The Cocoon is where a caterpillar is undergoing  a remarkable transformation. It provides camouflage  and additional protection to the transforming butterfly.

NUZ Sylphina – The Butterfly

A new life has begun, The Butterfly emerged from the cocoon and starts its new life cycle, spread its wings and ready to fly.